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Simone Zienna


I’m a certified nutritionist and fitness trainer with a passion for nutrition and bodybuilding. I also pursued a Computer Science degree at USC, and decided to merge my passion and technical expertise together to bring to people an easy to use platform to maximize their diet and health no matter what their needs are


Austin Marks

Co-Founder & CBDO

I have been a vegetarian and runner for over 8 years and would constantly find myself confused as to where to find reliable nutrition information. I see a real world need for a product like Meta Nutrition and because I have technical background in Computer Science, I wanted to build it! I want to get this platform out to as many people as possible so no one will ever be as confused about their dietary choices as I was


Anna Bolshedvorska

UX/UI Designer

I am a creative who loves to cook. I want to make you fall in love with eating healthy and cooking through my design. I also love cats


Julie Tang


I love being able to connect with people and help them find ways of eating that are healthy, simple and sustainable. Sometimes the biggest challenge to eating healthy is meal planning but with the help of Meta Nutrition, it makes planning for meals easy and convenient and the best part is their meals are dynamic and you can personalize it as needed

Ranier Castillo

CPT, RD, Crossfitter

Since I can remember, I have always been an active person and that is what drove me to passionately pursue a BS in Kinesiology and an MS in Nutrition. In this day-and-age, I know that fitness and technology is a perfect harmony due to high demands of jobs and overall lifestyle. That is why companies such as Meta Nutrition is a great tool to help put the pieces together.

Leora Aframian


I strive to make nutrition and healthy eating easy to follow and accessible to all. It is important to have a roadmap to follow for guidance when pursuing a nutritional goal in order to stay on track. Every day, we have decisions to make about how we will fuel our body. I appreciate how Meta Nutrition makes those decisions easy by providing healthy, customizable meal plans to match any interest or nutritional goal.

Rebecca Goodrich-Daoud


Rebecca is a Registered Dietitian practicing in California while also licensed in Florida and Alaska. Rebecca takes a holistic approach when working with her clients and is passionate in helping people reach their goals through nutrition and wellness. Rebecca holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in human sciences and dietetics, while also completing the Low FODMAP Diet for IBS course with Monash University. Rebecca also specializes in working with patients who have Chronic Kidney Disease and patients who are on dialysis. For more information, please visit

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Just Cause

We strive to shape the way nutrition is viewed and food is consumed by becoming leaders of the nutrition market and the point of reference for people trying to change their nutrition and health.


Personalized nutrition to maximize health and fitness with minimal effort and maximum convenience


We see a clear future led by healthy eating and all the major benefits that come from it and we want to be the leading force guiding people to their best health through personalized nutrition.